Kiwi-tek offers remote hospital coding. Hospital coding accuracy is critical to the patient’s experience and your organization’s financial success. According to Advisory Board, healthcare organizations lose approximately 3 percent of net revenue to claims denials, that’s enough to lower hospitals into the red. Combined with lower payer reimbursement overall, now is the time to tighten belts and cut operational cost. Taking a closer look at your coding operations and outcomes is an important first step.

Remote medical coding offers a partnership coding solution to significantly reduce or eliminate this problem. Get the speed and accuracy desired from experienced remote U.S. medical coders without the additional overhead inherent to in-house work. Get paid quickly and decrease issues with claims. Switch to a remote coding company with a proven record of providing medical coding services since 2002. Choose KIWI-TEK, a leader in remote coding services, and get the qualified medical coders you need for fast and reliable payments.

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