Rectal prolapse is the circumferential descent of the bowel through the anus.

It could be a complete prolapse in which the entire thickness of the rectal wall prolapses.

It could also be an incomplete prolapse in which only the mucous membrane of the rectal wall prolapses.
The following could be a cause of rectal prolapse:
1. Diarrhea
2. Straining in constipation
3. Straining in urinary obstruction
4. Persistent cough
5. Malnutrition
6. Prolapsing hemorrhoid or polyp
More so, direct injury to to anus may be a factor and most affected children may be healthy with no obvious cause for the disease.

A child with rectal prolapse could present with the bowel descending at the anus during defecation which could be spontaneously or manually reduced. There may be slight discharge of blood or mucous.


The following could be a complication of rectal prolapse if left untreated
1. Hemorrhage
2. Ulceration
3. Obstruction
4. Rupture
5. Gangrene
Therefore, there is need to always present to a hospital on time though majority recover spontaneously without treatment.  Adults may need to undergo sigmoidoscopy and barium enema to exclude associated diseases. Treatment options include operative and non-operative measures as advised by the doctor. However, most children suffering from rectal prolapse respond to non-operative measures.

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