universal precaution in healthcare delivery

Hello Doctor,
A Doctor is a human being like you and I. They are not invincible against diseases and infections. They too can fall ill.

As a Doctor, it’s your duty to protect first yourself, then your fellow Doctors, patients, family members and loved ones who you come in contact with daily.
Universal precautions should be taken seriously.
As a Doctor, you serve as a carrier for many diseases if you don’t practice safely and let’s not forget you didn’t become a Doctor to die a patient by your carelessness.

The barest of safety measures can make the difference between a safe Doctor and a dangerous Doctor. –Always wash your hands before and after you attend to a patient OR
— At least use a hand sanitizer before and after you attend to a patient.
— When carrying out procedures involving body fluids, always wear your gloves.
— When you are done with your sharps i. e needles, surgical blades always dipose them properly in the sharps box.
— Discard all used materials i. e gloves, cannula, syringes, swabs/cotton wools etc in the appropriate waste bin.

The most dangerous ones aren’t the known cases but the undiagnosed and the “yet-to-be” diagnosed cases of infectious diseases.

Whenever you leave that needle exposed, that used glove undisposed,that used swab undisposed, know you are a dangerous Doctor to yourself, your colleagues, your patients and your loved ones and at that point in time you have failed as a Doctor.
A careless and dangerous Doctor is a hazard in a health facility .

We are told to “Do no harm”, this includes causing no harm to yourself.

A Doctor who falls sick is not a sick Doctor but a patient like every other patient.

Doctor, safety in the work place starts from you, don’t fail yourself and this noble profession. Your patient needs you. Your family needs you and most importantly you need yourself!

Dr Ibe Chiemezie
Star Doc

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