The theme for this year’s world kidney day is “Healthy Kidney for everyone, everywhere”.

One in 10 patients investigated for kidney disease has Chronic kidney Disease (irreversible kidney damage with attendant symptoms and poor quality of life(QoL).

40% of newly diagnosed hypertensive patients had one form of Albuminuria.

In Nigeria, 1 in 8-10 suffer kidney problems according to hospital based studies.

3.Infections(throat and urinary tract infections, HIV, Hepatitis B$C)
4.Drug abuse
5.Alcohol misuse
7.Immunological causes etc
8 Others

-Unexplained excessive urination at night.
-Foamy urine.
-Swollen face and/or legs especially in the morning.
-Unexplained tiredness, shortage of blood.
-Bone pain,
-Wt loss
-Poor appetite.

-Focused on prevention and early detection of kidney problems.
-Walk into a clinic and request for: Simple Urinalysis, fasting blood glucose, check your blood pressure.
-Eat well balanced diet
-Consume fruits/veggies
-Drink water regularly >3L/day
-Reduce alcohol intake
-Stop smoking
-Visit clinic if any ill-health,

Get tested for microalbuminuria today. Early detection is key.
Your physician or healthcare provider will advise you further if need be.

Help in preventing deaths through kidney diseases.

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