World hepatitis day 2018 observes the theme “Eliminate Hepatitis”. The Find the Missing Millions campaign logo is the primary logo for the campaign. About 300 people living with viral hepatitis don’t know about it. Nine out of 10 people living with hepatitis don’t know about it. About 55 million people across the world living with hepatitis C don’t know about it. About 100 million women living with hepatitis B don’t know about it. About 42 million children don’t know they are living with viral hepatitis. People aged between 45 and 60 are more likely to be unknowingly living with hepatitis C than any other age group.

Hepatitis C can be CURED. New highly effective medicines are now available to cure hepatitis C.
Hepatitis B can be treated. Regular liver health check-ups will help determine if treatment is needed for hepatitis B. Viral hepatitis, if not detected and treated can cause liver disease, cirrhosis and liver cancer.


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