This year’s theme is “Rabies: Zero By 30”. Rabies is a viral disease that kills both humans and animals. The rabies virus is transmitted in the saliva through bites, licking of open wounds or mucous membrane by infected animals.
There is no cure for rabies once symptoms are present, it inevitably leads to death.
To prevent rabies:
1. Get your dogs over the age of three months vaccinated annually against rabies
2. If bitten by any animal, wash the wound immediately with soap and running water and get to hospital immediately for proper treatment.

1. Do not corner a dog
2. Keep your dog in the yard preferably behind a fence
3. Do not shout at or try hitting dogs especially when they are in groups
4. Do not feed unknown dogs; they will keep coming back for more
5. Avoid groups of dogs, as they could turn on you
6. NEVER try to approach an unknown dog especially if it is injured or sickly
7. Have your dogs sterilized to prevent attracting opposite sex
8. Keep your yard clean, rubbish and discarded food attracts dogs
9. Be careful at night as this is the time when dogs generally gather in groups and roam around looking for food
10. When a dog threatens you, walk slowly backwards while still facing the dog until it loses intent. Do not run away screaming – this will excite the dog even more
11. If a dog attacks you,try putting any object you have in front of you so that the dog will attack it, allowing you to get away safely

Rabies is 99.9% fatal 100% preventable.
The largest hurdle to the elimination of dog and human rabies lies in the lack of political priority and will.

Working together, the goal of zero rabies deaths by 2030 can become reality as we all reaffirm our commitment to being part of this journey towards a rabies free world.

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